SNo.   Response
1. Name of the Department History
2. Year of Establishment 01.10.1974
3. Number of teachers sanctioned and present position Sanctioned 02

Working 02

4. Number of administrative staff Nil
5. Number of technical staff Nil
6. Number of teachers and students 01
7. Demand ratio (no. of seats: no. of applications) 1:1
8. Ratio of teachers to students 01
9. Number of research scholars who had their master’s degree from other institutions Nil
10. The year when the curriculum was revised last 2020
11. Number of students passed NET/SLET etc. (last two years) Nil
12. Success rate of students (what is the pass percentage as compared to the University average?)  
13. University distinction/ranks Nil
14. Publications by faculty (last 5  years) Nil
15. Awards and recognition received by faculty (last  5 years) Nil
16. Faculty who have attended national and international seminars (last 5 years) Nil
17. Number of national and international seminars organized (last 5 years) Nil
18. Number of teachers engaged in consultancy and the revenue generated Nil
19. Number of ongoing projects and its total outlay Nil
20. Research projects completed during last two and its total outlay Nil
21. Number if inventions and patents Nil
22. Number of Ph.D. theses guided during the last 2 years Nil
23. Number of books in the department library, if any 130
24. Number of journals/periodicals Nil
25. Number of computers 01
26. Annual budget Nil