The Sardar Bhagat Singh Government Post Graduate College, Rudrapur strives to be a Centre of Excellence in Teaching, Research and Training for the pursuit of knowledge and enhancement of entrepreneur skills in youth with human values for Sustainable Development of the Nation.




  1. To build and upgrade education facilities for those who are Divyangjan and gender sensitive and to provide safe , peaceful, inclusive , holistic and effective learning environment for all.
  2. To develop the institution with global standards to cater the local requirement of the newly settled and settling diverse demography of Tarai region in the wake of sprawling industrialization.
  3. To provide a quality professional training along with traditional higher educational knowledge.
  4. To shape a sustainable future by creating, preserving and applying Traditional Knowledge System, Art and Academic values with focus on our rich cultural heritage.
  5. Uttarakhand is a disaster prone State; hence we aim to develop a large workable group of youths for disaster management through training by 2030.