Department of Political Science

Historical Background

Department of Political Science was established in 1974 along with the commencement of college. In 1978 post graduate course was started. Over the years department has evolved as one of the important study center in the the field of teaching as well as research and extra-curricular activities. Department is working hard to develop itself a prominent institute as a national and international study center for political science.

Presently total sanctioned teaching post is three and all are occupied as on 29th December 2021.

Aims and objectives:

Political science is a multidimensional subject which comprises national political system, international relations, and it also deals with contemporary national and international challenges and issues etc.

Department is willingly trying to promote democratic values to students to make them responsible citizens which is helpful to strengthen the country.

Developing innovative learning environment is necessary today because traditional methods of teaching is not able to meet the objectives of learning.


Dr. Brahma Nand (M.A, Ph.D., UGC NET)

Dr. Prakash Chandra Singh (M.A, UGC NET, USET)

Dr. Pankaj Yadav (M.A, Ph.D., UGC NET/JRF)

(Dr. Dinesh Sharma and D.K.P Chaudhary have recently joined in Rishikesh campus, Shri Dev Suman University.)

Dr. Dinesh Sharma (M.A, Ph.D., NET/JRF) Professor

He has published more than 25 research paper, articles and chapters in reputed journals and edited books.

He participated and presented various papers in national and international seminar and conferences.

Dr. Durga Kant Prasad Chaudhary (M.A, Ph.D.) Professor

He published one book and 28 research papers, articles in reputed journals.

He participated and presented more than 15 papers in various seminar and conferences.


Gopal Singh Patel: Ex. President, Student Union, SBS P.G College,

Ex Convener, Kumaun ABVP.

Vibhor Batla: Businessman

Vikas Kumar: Working as a Deputy Manager in SBI, Haldwani

Sahil Yadav: Working as an assistant executive officer Lok Sabha Secretariat

 Research Scholar

Mr. Nanhen Baboo (under the guidance of Prof. Dinesh Sharma)

Mr. Ankit Kumar (under the guidance of Prof. Dinesh Sharma)

Mr. Ram Kumar(under the guidance of Prof. Dinesh Sharma)

Mr.Roomsen Yadav (under the guidance of Prof. D.K.P Chaudhary)

Mr. Ganga Ram(under the guidance of Prof. Dinesh Sharma)

Mr. Sukhchain (under the guidance of Prof. Dinesh Sharma)

Result: U.G (2015-2020)

S.N Year Passed students % Passed with first div.%
1 2015 96.80% 9.96%
2 2016 97.02% 2.68%
3 2017 94.52% 6.96%
4 2018 93.15% 3.99%
5 2019 94.39% 5.60%
6 2020 96.07% 3.08%


Result: P.G (2015-2020)

S.N Year Passed students % Passed with first div.%
1 2015 100% 2%
2 2016 100% 3%
3 2017 100% 2%
4 2018 100% 3%
5 2019 100% 4%
6 2020 100% 3%