SNo.   Responses
1. Name of the Department zoology
2. Year of Establishment 01-07-1997
3. Number of teachers sanctioned and present position 02                            02
4. Number of administrative staff Nil
5. Number of technical staff 01
6. Number of teachers and students 1-
7. Demand ratio (no. of seats: no. of applications)  
8. Ratio of teachers to students 1:80
9. Number of research scholars who had their master’s degree from other institutions 05
10. The year when the curriculum was revised last 2020
11. Number of students passed NET/SLET etc. (last two years) nil
12. Success rate of students (what is the pass percentage as compared to the University average?)  
13. University distinction/ranks
14. Publications by faculty (last 5  years) 06+07 = 13
15. Awards and recognition received by faculty (last  5 years) 05
16. Faculty who have attended national and international seminars (last 5 years) 10
17. Number of national and international seminars organized (last 5 years)
18. Number of teachers engaged in consultancy and the revenue generated Nil
19. Number of ongoing projects and its total outlay Nil
20. Research projects completed during last two and its total outlay nil
21. Number if inventions and patents Nil
22. Number of Ph.D. theses guided during the last 2 years 06
23. Number of books in the department library, if any 50
24. Number of journals/periodicals Nil
25. Number of computers/Laptop 01/01
26. Annual budget nil


 Encl 1. Scholars presently enrolled for Ph.D.

S.No. Name of student Registration year Topic Name of supervisor
1. Annu Dang 2016 Species richness and diversity of insect community in cultivated and agroforestry land use systems of tarai region, Dr .Deep Mala
2. Chandralata 2019 A study on Ichthyofaunal diversity and habitat relationship with environmental variables at koshi river Ramnagar in Nainital Distt. Uttarakhand
3. Akanksha singh 2021 Dr. Shahid Sami Siddqui
4. Karishma 2021
5 Amit arya 2021



  1. Deepmala

¼A½ iapk;rh jkt O;oLFkk ,oa efgyk,W i`”B la0&183&188] ISBN 97. 8-81-946183

¼B½ Function of Diverse Indian Faith and Cultures in Environmental conversation.

(C)         Forest Fire a High Risk of Faunal Diversity & Habitual Changer.

(D) Climate Change and Biodiversity in Uttarakhand

(E) oSf”or i;kZokj.k ds ;qx es tSfod xq.koRrk i`’B la[;k&66 ls 76 rd

(F) Covid-19 & its Vaccine – page-161-170.


Seminar attended:                                        –        Nil

Publications in national and international journals:          -Nil

Awards and recognitions:                                      –        Nil

Seminar organized:                                               –        Nil


  1. Shahid Sami Siddqui



  • Participated in Workshop in FRI on Intellectual Property Right (IPR).19-20 April, 2004.
  • 6th National Symposium on Sustainable plant protection strategies: Health & Environmental concerns. Oct 15-17, 2005.
  • 11 Indian Agricultural Scientists &Farmers Congress 14-15 February, 2009
  • Seventh regional consultation workshop on community radio awareness ,ministry of Information & broadcasting, government of India at Solan H.P.March 13-14
  • 12 Indian Agricultural Scientists &Farmers Congress 20-21 February, 2010 BIOVED
  • MAASCON-1 First Annual National Symposium of the Muslim Association of the Advancement of Science 23-24 October 2010M.U. Aligarh
  • National symposium on emerging trends in biological scinces special emphasis on neuroscience 24-25 September 2012M.U Aigarh
  • National Conference on Innovation in Ethanopharmacology Recent Development in Biological and Chemical sciences for Societal Benefits 1-3 march 2013
  • IJTA 4th International conference on Recent Advance in Agriculture and Horticulture Sciences 2016
  • 19 Indian Agricultural Scientists &Farmers Congress 18-19 February, 2017 BIOVED
  • National Seminar on Relevance of Communal Harmony in India at Present Time 25-26 February 2018 veerangana Maharani Laxmibai Govrnment Girls Degree College ,Jhasi Uttar Pradesh.
  • National Conference of Medical Arthropodology on Vector Borne & Zoonotic Disease 26-27 October  2018  A.V College, Dehradun
  • 21 Indian Agricultural Scientists &Farmers Congress 16-17 February, 2019 BIOVED
  • National Conference on The Role of E-learning in Distance Education Problems and Prospectus in India 27-28 February 2019 Government Post Graduate College Rudrapur U.S.Nagar Uttrakhand.
  • National Conference on Employment Skill for Sustainable Livelihoods 15-16 March 2019 Government Post Graduate College Rudrapur U.S.Nagar Uttrakhand.
  • National seminar on Career Counseling in Dynamic World Issues and Challenges 19-20 April 2019. Government Post Graduate College Kashipur U.S.Nagar Uttrakhand.


  • Young Scientist award by ICRAAHS 2016
  • Young Scientist Award by BIOVED 2017
  • Uttrakhand achiever award 2018 by MONAL Society Uttrakhand
  • Environmental Science award by Tribhwan University Nepal 2019



  • Applied Zoological ResearchAssociation (AZRA) Cuttak.
  • Bioved Research Society Allahabad.( U.P)
  • Journal of Experimental society uttarpradesh
  • O.M.A life member Hyderabad
  • Advance in life science life member
  • Trend in bioscience life member



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  3. Shahid Sami Siddique 11 Indian Agricultural Scientists &Farmers Congress 14-15 February, 2009.BIOVED
  4. S. Siddique, Zubair ahmad, Mohammad Shamim and Parvez Qamar Rizvi :   Isolation and toxicity evaluation of bacterial entomopathogens against phytophagous white grubs (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae) in Indian Himalayan hills, 6-10 July International Conference of Entomology-Durban South Africa 2008.
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  11. Shahid Sami Siddique & Benam SaxenaYartsa Gasmboo Revenue herbs of Himalayas 26-27 October 2018 A.V College Dehradun
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  18. Shahid Sami Siddique Function of diverse Indian faith and culture in environmental conservation 27-28 February 2020 Dr Bheemrao Degree college Mainpuri Uttar Pradesh

Popular article

  1. Chaudhary, B., Hooda, K.S. and Siddiqui, S.S. Vermicompost- Parvatiya Kisano Ke Liye Vardan (Hindi). Krishi Chayanika 27 (4): 24, 27, 48. 2006.