The institution has central library. Following methods are used to keep students update regarding the latest arrivals in library.

  • List of new entries
  • Useful articles
  • News items

Books and Journals available in the library are open to be used by the faculty and the students during the working hours. Books can be borrowed by the teachers and the students and no fee is charged for it. Due to lack of sufficient space in the library, open library system is not possible for all the students. Hence, only the research scholars are provided with facility of reading in the library.

The library has a Committee comprising of a Co-ordinator and the other faculty members representing Arts, Commerce and Science discipline. Research students are also included in this committee. The major responsibilities of the committee include the purchase of quality books, their maintenance and their distribution to the students.

The college does not have a separate building for library. A part of auditorium is used for keeping approximately 49,000 books. Books are issued to the students as per the library committee schedule. Books are arranged subject-wise in library stacks.

List of the infrastructural development of the library over the last two years:

  • The college does not have a separate building for library. At present a part of the auditorium is being used for this purpose. A new library building is under construction with financial assistance from UGC and State Government.
  • New Library racks and cabinets have been added to the library during the last three years.
  • A software has been is installed in the library for accession and borrowing of the books.
  • A separate section has been provided to research students.
  • Broad band internet connectivity with WI-FI facility has been provided in the library.

Facilities for reprography are available in the library for research students and faculty members.



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